Wool Long Woven Sling

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Product information:

Lenny Lamb Wool Woven Wrap slings are made from 40% wool and 60% cotton fibre. Lenny Lamb wool woven wraps are both strong and light.

Perfect for both front and back carries Lenny Lamb wool woven wraps can be used from birth right into toddlerdom providing both great versatility and longevity.

Available Colours: Pine

Size: 4.6m x 67cm

Carrying Instruction in English on CD.

Wool will keep you warm even when the weather is wet or will cool you down in very hot days. Moreover, wool blended fabrics dry much faster. This is why they are particularly recommended in cold and damp weather or very hot climat.
Wool blend fabrics require particular attention in care and wash. To keep the fabric from shrinking or becoming felted you should wash it on low temperature only (30°C). We recommend hand wash and use of a special wool detergent and explicitly advise against spinning and tumbler drying.

Lenny Lamb is a family business and the initiative of people who are fascinated by the phenomenon of baby wearing! Lenny Lamb baby carriers and wraps are designed and made in Poland. Since the beginning of the company in 2008, Lenny Lamb has been concerned with providing the highest quality products to their ever increasing market. They continue to strive to make sure that every component of their baby carriers and wraps come from reliable sources and that the technologies used in production processes are safe for children. The fabrics used are free from harmful chemicals and compounds. 

Lenny Lamb woven baby wraps are made in a cross twill weave. Both French and Swiss Associations promoting baby wearing using woven wraps accept only this kind of fabric. The fibres which are used are cotton, bamboo and wool. 

The Lenny Lamb woven baby wraps are a good choice as an entry level wrap for beginners.  They can be tied in various carries and come in different fabric lengths. The broken twill weave of fabric gives a unique property that allows the even distribution of weight, to make wrapping your baby comfortable and safe.

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