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Critter Cutters™



The Critter Cutters    set comes with 4 friendly animal shapes:

The Elephant Sandwich is part of the Lunch Punch  ® Critter Cutters set.

mother and baby elephant  -  dog in dog house  -  beautiful butterfly  -  twin dolphins (whales or sharks)


Match & Munch ™

Match & Munch™ set includes:

2 piece puzzle  –  4 piece “corners” puzzle  – 4 piece “sides” puzzle  -  2 piece “inner and side” puzzle

Combining several of these shapes allows you to create an infinitely large party puzzle.

To download instructions to make your own giant party puzzle sandwich click here.

“PB&J go together… but do they fit together?”



The VrrRRMM!!™ Lunch Punch  ® is different from any sandwich they’ve ever eaten before.

Kids love to drive these shapes right into the garage (a.k.a. mouth)!

The VrrRRMM!!™ Lunch Punch® set comes with 4 transportation shapes:

cool car  –  aeroplane in cloud  -  truck with cargo  -  train with caboose



Sandwishes™ set includes:

fairy princess   with cut out star – frog prince with the removable crown – flower garden - queen (or king) of hearts crown

Make a  Sand*wish* and let the magic begin…

The Lunch Punch ® is a food cutter specifically designed to capture the most amount of bread when it cuts the crust off your sandwich.  A fun lunch with minimum waste.

The Lunch Punch ® is taller than cookie cutters, making it easy to cut through two pieces of bread and spread while still keeping sandwiches light and fluffy.  (Tip: soft, fresh bread works best!)

The Lunch Punch ® was invented by a mother of 3 young children to make lunch more fun for everyone.

As every parent knows, it’s a daily challenge to make a healthy and appealing lunch that kids will eat.  Sandwiches are a mainstay in children’s diets, but they’re so boring and kids don’t like the crust.

The Lunch Punch® is dishwasher safe, BPA FREE, Phthalate FREE PVC FREE and Lead FREE. It is made from FDA certified food-grade plastic and both The Lunch Punch® and its packaging are 100% recyclable.

The Lunch Punch® is intended for use by adults but can be used by children over 3 with adult supervision.   

Nobody says you have you have to throw away the crust.  If you’re a crust fan simply serve your Lunch Punch® sandwich in it’s crust frame.  Or you can save your crusts in a freezer bag then pull them out again when you make meatloaf, crumbed chicken or to feed your friendly neighbourhood birds.

We have found that bread sizes are different all around the world.  Lunch Punch will work with any size bread but are especially great for regular to large-ish bread.




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